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    *Shards of the Crown*
    [[Laws of North Stead]]
    [[Places of Interest]]
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  • Places of Interest

    [[Avandra's Delight]]
    [[The Hornet's Nest]]
    [[The Seven Headed Dwarf]]
    [[The Warhorse]]
    [[Hesturi's Stables]]
    [[Ipsata's Arcane Emporium]]
    [[Tazin's Sundries]]
    [[The Dancing Hare]]

  • Temple of Avandra

    *Physical Description*: A bit of an oddity on Temple Row the goddess of luck's place of worship is a simple open air structure of wood and a shrine. *The Word on the Street*: The door to the temple of Avandra is always open. Partially because her …

  • Temple of Bane

    *Physical Description*: Built much like a small very fort with a stone wall surrounding the perimeter and a barred gate the temple of Bane is easily the smallest structure on Temple Row. Gaps in the stonework allow for archers to fire out from within, and …

  • Temple of Corellon

    *Physical Description*: Nature was not destroyed to build the temple of Corellon. Ancient trees tower over the building which was constructed from stone drawn out of the ground nearby and painted by artisans. There are no altars within the temple of …

  • Temple of Erathis

    *Physical Description*: One of the largest structures on Temple Row it is also one of the oldest, a site that has weathered time and outright war on more than one occasion. The building and it's grounds are meticulously maintained by the clerics living …

  • Temple of Gruumsh

    *Physical Description*: The temple looks more like a fort than anything else from outside. It's constructed of wood, a deep pit filled with stakes has been dug around the perimeter. At any given moment the only visible door, which is barred, is guarded by …

  • Temple of Ioun

    *Physical Description*: A skinny and surprisingly tall building it almost appears as though it should teeter and fall at any moment. From the outside it is rather simplistic. Stark grey stone makes up the surface, and only a simple idol bearing Ioun's …

  • Temple of Kord

    *Physical Description*: You could easily mistake the temple for a small arena if you're new to the city. The building itself resembles a mammoth fabric tent held in the ground with stakes as thick as trees, stepping inside shatters the illusion in an …

  • Temple of Moradin

    *Physical Description*: Imagine the biggest forge you've ever seen. Now make it bigger. This temple was built to supply a city with every sword needed to defend it and every nail needed to build it up. Smoke billows from a mammoth chimney set in the roof …

  • Temple of the Raven Queen

    *Physical Description*: Built from solid black marble the exterior is traced with strange symbols in a language that is unidentified to this day. Totems of bone and feather mark the entryway. Most who leave offerings for the goddess choose to leave them …

  • Temple of the King That Crawls

    *Physical Description*: A set of stairs leading down into a pit as dark as a raven's eye is all you can see of the temple from the street. If you've reason to follow the stairs you'd find a heavy door at the bottom of them. Beyond that door there is …

  • Temple of Vecna

    *Physical Description*: The structure is made of sheer rock etched with patterns of bone and runes said to protect the site from the wrath of gods. A large dome of sickly green metal dominates the roof. No one is allowed to enter the Temple of Vecna, …

  • Temple of Zehir

    *Physical Description*: One of the more sedate temples in the area it maintains a simple appearance. Columns of stone and large steps lead within it's walls. At night heavy iron gates are pulled shot barring entry. Within well made tapestries and …

  • Temple Row

    *Physical Description*: A section of the city devoted to the worship of nearly every deity in the pantheon. One of the founding principles of the North Stead being the freedom of it's inhabitants to worship whatever gods they choose. The many temples are …

  • Temple of Lolth

    *Physical Description*: Built in the likeness of a giant spider and strewn with webs collected by clerics of Lolth the temple is an imposing sight. The interior of the structure is made up of an ornate shrine, at the center of which is a large statue made …

  • Temple of Pelor

    *Physical Description*: The temple is a structure of humble wood that radiates warmth and comfort to anyone that passes it. If you enter you'll find a simple unadorned interior with an idol of Pelor firmly set in place over a shrine to the sun god. …

  • Temple of Asmodeus

    *Physical Description*: Built of sheer silvery metal forged by Himil's instruction the temple glows an odd array of colors, looking at it can cause passersby to become disoriented. More than one visitor has found themselves climbing the steps to enter the …

  • Temple of Bahamut

    *Physical Description*: Built entirely from metals meant to honor the platinum dragon, and the metallic dragons he favors, the temple is a symphony of gold, silver, brass, bronze, and copper. The daylight cascades from it's steps, pillars, and roof in a …

  • Temple of Tiamat

    *Physical Description*: Built from stone in the likeness of a dragon's head the eyes were filled with large gems. Thieves and vandals often steal or damage the gems so their color changes as they are continually replaced. Any who enter TIamat's temple …

  • Temple of Sehanine

    *Physical Description*: Powerful magics placed on the temple cause it's form to shift almost constantly. You might pass it once and see a shadowed park with a path and benches ideal for a quiet walk. At other times it appears as a simple shrine surrounded …

  • The Hornet's Nest

    *Physical Description:* A five-story building of quality lumber the Hornet's Nest is meant to look like a comfortable place to spend your coin. Large windows give a clear view of the cavernous rooms within from the street. The first floor of the inn …

  • The Warhorse

    *Physical Description*: Not much was done to the stable or the barracks that were repurposed as a inn. The stables consist of several roped off wooden stalls and a roof that has seen better days. Although it hasn't collapsed yet don't expect to leave …

  • The Seven Headed Dwarf

    *Name*: The Seven Headed Dwarf *Physical Description*: A shack on top of a pile of mud that reeks of stale liquor. *Word on the Street*: Every two bit spellslinger and crook in the city wanders through those doors sooner or later. If you find …

  • The Cackling Crows

    *Description*: A gang of Kenku thieves, spies, and knifemen who use North Stead as their personal playground. *Word on the Street*: They'll cut your purse strings but rarely your throat. *History*: Thirty years ago the Kenku entered North Stead …

  • Avandra's Delight

    *Physical Description*: The entire structure is built of wood painted in a light blue color, it is a single story building suspended off of the ground by several strong supports. Twin trees stand to the right and left of the wooden stairway leading to the …

  • Tazin's Sundries

    *Physical Description*: It doesn't appear as anything all that special from the street. A sturdy looking single story building built of brick and mortar it has a single window which usually has some items displayed within. Upon entry the chime of bells …

  • Pyramid of Swords

    *Physical Description*: A trio of giant hands grasping sword hilts rise up from the cobblestones of the street, the blades of their swords crossing high overhead. Each of the sword's hilts are bejeweled. Underneath the swords statues of six men and a …

  • Market Street

    *Physical Description*: A collection of tents stretched over merchandise varying from fresh vegetables and fish to odd trinkets for those with a taste for unusual treasures. *Word on the Street*: The real trading and money making goes on there. * …

  • Chimera's Gate

    *Physical Description*: A large gate barred by thick wooden doors barred with metal on the interior and an spiked iron gate on the outside. The passage is wide enough to allow for five wagons to pass through it side by side. *Word on the Street*: All …

  • Moradin's Spine

    *Physical Descriptio*n: A mountain range that stretches further than eye can see, in fact it divides much of the continent except for narrow gaps, the peaks of some mountains in this range tower among the highest in the world. Tunnels and caverns within …

  • Daughters of the Raven

    *Description*: Clerics from the Tempe of the Raven Queen who wear raven masks and feathery cloaks at all times. They move through the city carrying out the work their goddess commands of them. *Word on the Street*: Strange lot those girls, those masks …

  • Organizations

    [[Army of North Stead]]
    [[Daughters of the Raven]]
    [[The Cackling Crows]]
    [[The Council of Blood]]
    [[The Stoneblood]]
    [[Merchant's Guild]]
    [[Pyramid of Swords Honor Guard]]

  • People

    [[Ashlyn Restin]]
    [[Asindra Leoim]]
    [[Captain Orvig Hart]]
    [[Ciprian Yatu]]
    [[Deimhall Blackhammer]]
    [[Diana Till]]
    [[Eliza Briarsworn]]
    [[Enninmbel ]]
    [[Fitip Plig]]
    [[Gult Miffin]]
    [[ …

  • The Seven Rings

    *Description*: A series of seven waist deep interlinked pools, each being fed continually by fountains and vents. The floors of the pools are covered in light blue tiles. The statues themselves appear to be wizards of various races and ages, each of them …

  • The Duke's Estate

    *Physical Descriptio*n: A high stone wall surrounds the estate and only citizens with the proper rank are allowed entry. Large wooden doors block the only gate and two guards are on duty to block entry at al times. Beyond those doors a quarter mile of …

  • The Council of Blood

    *Description*: A group of five officials chosen from key areas of the city to help govern effectively. *Word on the Street*: They aren't perfect but they try. *History*: The first council was established very early during the reign of Bicamus and …

  • Pyramid of Swords Honor Guard

    *Description*: A group of aged, disabled, or especially wealthy soldiers who serve as guards for the Pyramid of Swords. They perform ceremonies daily at the monument and ensure that vandals are kept at bay. *Word on the Street*: Just cause they've got …

  • Merchant's Guild

    *Description*: A group lead by the wealthiest and most influential merchants in North Stead, they help influence trade laws. *Word on the Street*: Merchants are all well and good but a guild full of them can have their eyes on a few too many pieces of …

  • Army of North Stead

    *Description*: The armed forces of North Stead are under the command of The Duke, the Lord Mayor, the Council of Blood, and their Captain. They protect the city from outside threats as well as maintaining order within. *Word on the Street*: *They may …

  • Asindra Leoim

    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Tavern Owner
    Age: 47
    Description: Pale skinned, with dark hair and yellow eyes Asindra strikes an beautiful but imposing figure. Biography: Born within the walls of North Stead she showed a …

  • Himil

    Race: Unknown(appears human)
    Gender: Unkown(appears male)
    Occupation: Cleric of Asmodeus
    Age: Unknown Description: Wearing a blood red hooded robe at all time his features are usually shrouded in shadow in cloth. The pale skin of his …

  • Trynn Miffin

    Race: Halfling
    Occupation: Former adventurer, Cleric of Avandra
    Description: Brown haired, brown eyed, and with the diminutive stature of her race many confuse her for being weak at first. In fact her clothes …

  • River Miffin

    Race: Halfling
    Occupation: Former adventurer, Cleric of Avandra
    Description: Brown haired, brown eyed, and with the diminutive stature of her race she bears a striking resemblance to her sister. However unlike …

  • Gult Miffin

    Race: Halfling
    Occupation: Former adventurer, Cleric of Avandra
    Description: Brown haired, brown eyed, and with the diminutive stature of his race Gult is the sole male of his trio. Unlike his siblings he favors a …

  • Tazin

    Race: Tiefling
    Occupation: Shopkeeper
    Description: shocking white hair clashing with his fiery red skin, Tazin wear loose fitting clothes and when in public a wide brimmed hat that hide his horns. Due to his age he …

  • Eliza Briarsworn

    Race: Eladrin
    Occupation: Cleric of Corellon, Member of the Council of Blood
    Description: Despite her advanced age Eliza appears to be a woman in the prime of life. Like all members of her race she has pointed …

  • Mirg Oretoe

    Race: Dwarf
    Occupation: Cleric of Tiamat
    Description: Squat and toad-like Mirg wears a five headed talisman in honor of her goddess over black robes at all times. Biography: As a child Mirg and her family …

  • Smith Pitig

    Race: Human
    Occupation: Merchant, Member of the Council of Blood, Leader of the Merchant's Guild
    Description: A man with a short trimmed beard and hair that is now a mix of black flecked with ample grey. He is the …

  • Jahn Gart

    Race: Half-Elf
    Occupation: Former adventurer, Retired Soldier, Noble, Member of the Council of Blood
    Description: Tall, lean, and quite handsome according to public opinion Jahn favors the finer things. …

  • Polan Riverson

    Race: Human
    Occupation: Former Soldier, Cleric of Bane
    Description: With a shaven head and the distinctive scar across the entirety of his throat as well as much of his head Polan is easily recognized. …

  • Percival Alder

    Race: Human
    Occupation: Soldier, Member of the Pyramid of Swords Honor Guard
    Description: Armed with a lance and wearing plate armor polished to a high shine the solider has a large snowy mustache and a kindly …

  • Talik Nordin

    Race: Dragonborn
    Occupation: Solider, Member of the Council of Blood
    Description: Taller than normal for a member of his race and with scales of a mottled brown the commander of North Stead's army is routinely …

  • Orinz Nordin

    Race: Dragonborn
    Gender: Male
    Age: 49
    Occupation: Cleric of Bahamut
    Description: An imposing figure of black scales covered by heavy armor Orinz never ventures out without a weapon of some sort in hand. Biography: The elder …

  • Retor Trollbane

    Race: Human
    Occupation: Retired Soldier, Tavern Owner Description: Dark skinned, tall, and well muscled Reto strikes an imposing figure by most standards. Wearing his black hair in a top knot he walks with a pronounced …

  • Petor Ranavich

    Race: Human
    Occupation: Retired Adventurer, Scholar, Cleric of Ioun Description: A mostly bald and slight man whose robes are constantly stained with ink he looks for all the world like a befuddled man. Few would …

  • Ugarth Snill

    Race: Half-Orc
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Retired Mercenary, Cleric of Gruumsh
    Age:51 Description: A compact but extremely muscular humanoid with pronounced canines, he wears a patch over his left eye. Biography: In his younger years …

  • Deimhall Blackhammer

    Race: Dwarf
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: King of Moradin's Spine
    Age: 178
    Description: A dwarf of average height he strikes an odd figure. During battle with the Ettercaps he was captured and his left arm was devoured by the creatures …

  • Kin Kavue

    Race: Kenku
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Retired Thief, Leader of the Cackling Crows, Member of the Council of Blood
    Age: 40
    Description: A rather paunchy kenku who always wears fine clothes and an array of jewelry many confuse him for a …

  • Uran Itar

    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Cleric of Pelor
    Age: 35 Description: A young man who one might confuse with a farmer rather than a cleric. His hands are calloused and his shaggy brown hair is in a constant state of disarray. …

  • High Cleric Vertil

    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Cleric of Vecna
    Age: Unknown Description: Shrunken and withered enough that many have accepted the idea that he may in fact be an undead being serving his god. His black hair is greasy and cropped …

  • Kis Lenur

    Race: Half-Elf
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Cleric of Kord
    Age: 39
    Description: Statuesque Kis appears as a statue of a warrior goddess made flesh. Biography: A true devotee of Kord Kis has studied numerous forms of combat …

  • Inquisitor Ardick

    Race: Warforged
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Cleric of the King That Crawls
    Age: Unknown Description: A gaunt warforged who wears chains on his body as a symbol of his faith and a black cloak to hide his visage from his unsuspecting prey. …

  • Kadrin Brassbeard

    Race: Dwarf
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Blacksmith, Cleric of Moradin
    Age: 134 Description: Heavily muscled, and wearing fine armor, the dwarf ties his long grey hair and beard through ornate jewelry which he crafted for himself. …

  • Lenoir Springkin

    Race: Elf
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Tavern Owner
    Age: 156 Description: With sharp angular features usually only found on a bird of prey and eyes the grey of polished stone Lenoir stands apart in any crowd. His dark grey hair is pulled …

  • Ciprian Yatu

    Race: Human
    Gender Male
    Occupation: Duke of North Stead
    Age: 79 Description: Bent with age the Duke is a beardless man with long white hair and brown eyes that carry all the strength his body did in his youth. Biography: Born to the …

  • Ashlyn Restin

    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Mayor of North Stead
    Age: 47 Description: Dark hair streaked with silver, a pair of small glasses over sharp blue eyes, and attractive but practical clothing on a short woman all blend together to …

  • Mira Halfblood

    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Inn/Tavern Owner
    Age: 39 Description: Fiery red hair, a heavily freckled face, blue eyes, and a curvy figure beneath a green and white dress have made her a popular member of the Merchant's Guild. …

  • Diana Till

    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Cleric of Erathis
    Age: 44
    Description: Blonde and rather plain she has an expression that would fit best on a displeased judge. Biography: An interest in law drew Dina to Erathis and she …

  • Enninmbel

    Race: Wilden
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Cleric of Melora
    Age: 69 Description: A senior Wilden her skin has taken on the tone of autumn plant life, fiery oranges, red, and yellows are her skin and hair. Biography: Taking up a …

  • Hesturi's Stables

    *Physical Description*: A trio of large fenced in rings for continually occupied by horses being put through an exercise program intended to keep them fit and healthy. The stables themselves are rather large, routinely as between thirty and fifty horses …

  • Hesturi

    Race: Minotaur
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Stable Master
    Age: 47 Description: A tall minotaur woman covered in coppery fur she has a pair of ivory colored horns jutting from the side's of her head. Her muscular build evidences her years …

  • Obsidian Tower

    *Physical Description*: Circular at it's based and as wide around as a string of wagons the tower rises up a dozen leagues into the sky, it looks to be carved perfectly from a single piece of obsidian. No doors, windows, or markings mar it's surface. …

  • The Stoneblood

    *Description*: A gang of Goliaths, many of whom were exiled from their tribes, they run protection rackets on small shops and serve as hired muscle. *Word on the Stree*t: Don't get in their way, it's like trying to stop an avalanche. Just run if you …

  • Laws of North Stead

    *I. All citizens are free to worship whatever gods or goddesses they choose.
    II. The life of every citizen is protected, murder will be punished.
    III. All races are welcome within the walls, so long as they do no harm to the city or it's people …

  • Fort Henstripe

    *Physical Description*: Twelve miles south of North Stead wooden palisades and a spiked trench surround a few sturdy unadorned buildings. The oldest and finest buildings in town the mess hall, armory, and the captain's quarters are all built of heavy …

  • Broken Wheel Bog

    *Physical Description*: Heavily forested and thick as any jungle, the water and mud rises higher than a giant's head in some places. In others it is shallow enough for a halfling to wade through. Poisonous insects, hostile natives, and harsh climate are …

  • Ipsata's Arcane Emporium

    *Physical Description*: A ramshackle wagon that has been stripped of it's wheels for as long as anyone can remember, for all the world it appears as though the wagon simply fell dead near an alley. Glittering letters declaring it's title are sprawled …

  • Gea-Unn

    Race: Goliath
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Leader of the Stoneblood
    Age: 36
    Description: Tall, heavily muscled, and with almost no skin that has not been tattooed visible Gea-Unn is a frightening figure. Her black hair hangs in sharp …

  • Ipsata Firebane

    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Owner of Ipsata's Arcane Emporium
    Age: 42
    Description: Dark skinned and with eyes the color of dried honey the woman's features are always hidden behind a veil and headdress that leave only a …