Army of North Stead

Description: The armed forces of North Stead are under the command of The Duke, the Lord Mayor, the Council of Blood, and their Captain. They protect the city from outside threats as well as maintaining order within.

Word on the Street: They may not be the largest army but they are one of the best.

History: North Stead began with an army and they have carried on ever since. The numbers have grown but a tradition of discipline and loyalty has always been maintained.

Faces: Talik Nordin, Ciprian Yatu

Quote: “Welcome to the army. If you are very lucky you will die on the battlefield with a spear in your chest, the sound of swords ringing on shield deafening you, and the stink of smoke choking you. You will never be wealthy as a soldier and I will demand the best of you at all times. If you cannot give me that then I’ll gut you myself.”

Army of North Stead

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