Ashlyn Restin

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Occupation: Mayor of North Stead
Age: 47

Description: Dark hair streaked with silver, a pair of small glasses over sharp blue eyes, and attractive but practical clothing on a short woman all blend together to lend the young Ashlyn an air of power.

Biography: As a young noble woman Ashlyn groomed herself to take up an office like her parents before her, both having served on the Council during their lives. While others were favored by larger groups of the population Ashlyn was loved by the young people of the city and many smaller groups who felt they lacked representation. At age 24 she was elected to the Council and she served with distinction for five years.

When the former mayor, a very unpopular dwarf, lost the office it was Ciprian who put the young woman forward to be considered as a replacement. Many were surprised by the suggestion but the duke lent his full support to her and after several months she had been chosen.

Early in her term she was engaged in an active relationship between herself, Duke Ciprian, and the Council of Blood. However when the duke began taking a less active role in matters of state Ashlyn took up the slack. Today she serves as the rule of the city in many ways, most decisions not made by the council are settle by her. She attends and hosts affairs of state in a fashion few would expect of one so young.

Ashlyn Restin

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