Asindra Leoim

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Occupation: Tavern Owner
Age: 47

Description: Pale skinned, with dark hair and yellow eyes Asindra strikes an beautiful but imposing figure.

Biography: Born within the walls of North Stead she showed a talent for magic as a child, her parents who owned a moderately successful tavern purchased tutors for her in the hopes of nurturing her ability. She studied under clerics of Ioun and Corellon for several years and acquired a fair degree of skill, until she suddenly abandoned her studies. Rumors say she walked the streets as a woman of easy virtue for several years until inheriting the Seven Headed Dwarf after the deaths of her parents.

Ever since taking ownership of the establishment she has made every effort to sell it with no one ever taking her up on the offer.

Asindra Leoim

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