Avandra's Delight

Physical Description: The entire structure is built of wood painted in a light blue color, it is a single story building suspended off of the ground by several strong supports. Twin trees stand to the right and left of the wooden stairway leading to the only door into the tavern. A large porch hangs from the front of the building complete with several chairs for customers who choose to drink and smoke outside.

Within chairs stuffed with down and covered in expensive fabric take up much of the floor space, a metal stove fills the room with the smell of burning wood. There is a narrow stairway leading downstairs into a wine cellar. Of course that area is roped off and customers are not allowed to wander there.

Word on the Street: If you fancy wine and you’re pouch is heavy with coin it’s a nice enough place to spend your night.

History: Built nearly a hundred years ago by a then young elf named Lenoir Springkin, he dreamed of creating a sanctuary for those of discerning taste within the city. It has acquired a reputation for being an establishment best left to fey with social grace. It’s owner is known to hear and see many interesting things, his tavern being favored by those of some influence.

Faces: Lenoir Springkin

Quote: “You simply must try this wine, it’s an excellent vintage. No, no, no, no there’s no need to bother with paying just now, savor the taste. I’ll add it to your account.”

Avandra's Delight

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