Chimera's Gate

Physical Description: A large gate barred by thick wooden doors barred with metal on the interior and an spiked iron gate on the outside. The passage is wide enough to allow for five wagons to pass through it side by side.

Word on the Street: All the visitors want to walk through the Chimera’s Gate when they visit, proves how trustworthy they are.

History: There are many gateways of varying sizes that have been constructed all over North Stead. Some are so small they allow only foot traffic through while others accommodate wagons, but the largest of these by far is the Chimera’s Gate. Built during the reign of Bicamus his goal was to make a gate large enough to allow troops to enter and exit the city in great numbers, at the same time he hoped to meet the needs on non-military traffic.

After his death rumors of strange animal sightings at the gate began. Although nothing has ever been proven over the years hundreds of these incidents have been reported to the city guard, the council, and the king without any evidence ever being found. Some have claimed to see a small dragon, others a large cat like a lion, and many have had no name for what they saw.

On occasion criminals who have attempted to flee through the gate have been found with sever injuries, none were ever able to identify what attacked them.

Even during the War of the Blue Lance Chimera’s Gate was one of the few entrances into the city to never be breached. Despite the fact that it was the most frequent target of attacks by Simil’s forces. Strange roars and dead enemy soldiers outside of the gate were common sights and sounds throughout the war.

The gate has become something of a mascot for the city over the years. Some leave food for what they believe to be a powerful beast that has chosen to guard their home for it’s own reasons. Others leave coins and ask for the creature to protect their families. The Chimera of North Stead is something of a street god who is believed to offer protection to those in need.

Faces: The Chimera

Chimera's Gate

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