Ciprian Yatu

Race: Human
Gender Male
Occupation: Duke of North Stead
Age: 79

Description: Bent with age the Duke is a beardless man with long white hair and brown eyes that carry all the strength his body did in his youth.

Biography: Born to the Yatu line Ciprian was destined to take up the rule of North Stead when he came of age, his youth was spent educating to fill this role. He was drilled in combat alongside of the soldiers, at the same time he studied history, politics, and economics tirelessly. Tutors instructed him in the rules of society and in the proper manner to conduct affairs of state. Proving himself a capable wielder of magic, weaponry, and political guile when he took up his status there was little doubt in his ability.

An unremarkable reign has been his legacy. He has taken up the sword to defend his lands when given no other choice, conducted the events which are expected of him, and ensured that order is maintained. In recent years age and illness have taken their toll on him. He has retreated to his estate seeing few visitors, since he has no children or wife the question of what future his line has is on the mind of everyone in the city.

Ciprian Yatu

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