Daughters of the Raven

Description: Clerics from the Tempe of the Raven Queen who wear raven masks and feathery cloaks at all times. They move through the city carrying out the work their goddess commands of them.

Word on the Street: Strange lot those girls, those masks of theirs are plenty creepy.

History: The Daughters of the Raven began with five women who answered Bicamus’ call for clerics to see to the dead within his city. Since then there have always been five members of the group, working in unison at all times. As one ages the feathers of her cloak will grey as does her mask. A new daughter has always stepped forward to replace the aged servant, the girl then undergoes special rites which are kept secret to those outside of the order.

The group has operated tirelessly since North Stead’s birth caring for the bodies of it’s citizens and ensuring that they are not brought back as undead. They are the voice of their goddess within the city and command a great deal of respect, and often fear, from everyone.

Faces: The Raven Daughter

Quote: “The wings of the raven carry us all to the next world, whether we each choose to accept our fate or not.”

Daughters of the Raven

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