Deimhall Blackhammer

Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Occupation: King of Moradin’s Spine
Age: 178

Description: A dwarf of average height he strikes an odd figure. During battle with the Ettercaps he was captured and his left arm was devoured by the creatures before he could escape. He wields the black warhammer and armor passed down through his line for many years.

Biography: King of the dwarves of Moradin’s Spine Deimhall has faced numerous threats to his kingdom throughout his reign. Assaults by other subterranean races seeking to seize their kingdom’s wealth are common enough. Much of his story is unknown to the people of North Stead as he has made it known the city has fallen out of his people’s favor, largely due to the actions of King Rosh and King Bicamus II.

While he has maintained all trade and military arrangements between their two nations but his demeanor has become steadily more frosty with each passing year. Some attribute it to ongoing war and his inability to sire an heir, others blame it on the growing power of North Stead.

Deimhall Blackhammer

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