Fort Henstripe

Physical Description: Twelve miles south of North Stead wooden palisades and a spiked trench surround a few sturdy unadorned buildings. The oldest and finest buildings in town the mess hall, armory, and the captain’s quarters are all built of heavy stone. The barracks, and most other buildings are made of only simple blackwood and thatch roofs.

Word on the Street: Mosquitoes, lizard men, and all manner of horrors lurk in that swamp. You ask me that fort is damned spooky.

History: Cato established the fort at the edge of what had been an unnamed swamp, it was the king who dubbed it Broken Wheel Bog due to the large number of pilgrim’s wagons that were caught up in it during their passing. The fort was built for two purposes. The first task put to the soldiers stationed there was to help ensure the safe passage of anyone attempting to settle in North Stead. Their second purpose was to keep an eye on the unusual creatures that lived within the bog, making certain that their numbers never grew out of control.

The fortress has weathered hundreds of years isolated from the city proper, their only regular contact being deliveries of supplies each month. Many of the threats that have faced the city were not felt at the fort. Facing raids by a number of hostile tribes and the occasional attack by hungry beasts the men of Fort Henstripe stand as a front line defense to their city.

Faces: Captain Orvig Hart

Quote: “Och! You lot up ‘er! Keep yer eyes peeled for danger or I’ll tan your hides.

Fort Henstripe

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