Race: Goliath
Gender: Female
Occupation: Leader of the Stoneblood
Age: 36

Description: Tall, heavily muscled, and with almost no skin that has not been tattooed visible Gea-Unn is a frightening figure. Her black hair hangs in sharp braids that dangle from the back of her head like tiny lashing whips. Favoring dark leather armor she always carries her trusty maul close at hand.

Biography: As a young girl living among her tribe on the harsh mountains that make up Moradin’s Spine Gea-Unn was filled with a lust for life and strength. She relished every challenge that life and her tribesmen put before her. Before her fourteenth year she was hunting along with the adults while other Goliaths her age were forced to remain in their camps. It was this fact that saved her life.

The trolls that emerged each year like a horrific crop happened to return to the surface through a cavern near the camp and they quickly devoured the small tribe. By the time the hunters returned there was little left besides scraps of flesh, bloodied weapons, and bits of clothing. The troll’s trail lead them down from the mountains to North Stead where they had joined many others assaulting the city. The surviving Goliaths, Gea-Unn among them, joined the soldiers of North Stead in laying waste to the trolls.

Following the battle the other Goliaths returned to Moradin’s Spine but Gea-Unn remained with the soldiers forsaking her people. Working as hired muscles for others it was a short time before she was invited to join the Stoneblood. Seeing her ferocity, strength, and intelligence the former leader began grooming her to one day take his place. She did as he’d hoped, although it was a few years sooner than he might have liked.

Since then she has engaged in small wars for territory with other gangs and criminals of North Stead while striving to make a place for her people with the city.


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