Race: Minotaur
Gender: Female
Occupation: Stable Master
Age: 47

Description: A tall minotaur woman covered in coppery fur she has a pair of ivory colored horns jutting from the side’s of her head. Her muscular build evidences her years in the army and working with horses. Most of the time she is found unarmed and wearing worn leather clothing.

Biography: Prior to entering the city Hesturi is known to have served alongside men in an army fighting under the banner of the dark god of war Bane. Whether she was there by choice or in the shackles of an enslaved soldier is the subject of much debate. Whatever the case she parted company with the army in possession of seven warhorses, each with a saddlebag full of gold strapped to it’s saddle.

It has been less than a decade since she opened her stable and though her reputation is excellent business has been hard. Many wealthy patrons leave in a fury when she refuses to serve them, always claiming they abuse the horses they already have. On more than one occasion she has been taken to a cell by the town watch for brawling.


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