Hesturi's Stables

Physical Description: A trio of large fenced in rings for continually occupied by horses being put through an exercise program intended to keep them fit and healthy. The stables themselves are rather large, routinely as between thirty and fifty horses can be found within.

Word on the Street: The army and traders have plenty of horses, but the best of em come from Hesturi.

History: Most of the horses in North Stead came from trade with neighboring colonies and cities for many years. The army eventually began breeding their own warhorses selling of those unsuitable for combat to the common folk. Stables were largely maintained by the soldiers who left such duties to their junior recruits. When the minotaur Hesturi entered the city and set her mind to opening a stable no one opposed her, within five years she’d earned a reputation as the best rider and breeder of horses in the city.

She has maintained her stable meticulously for seven years and is known to be very protective of her charges. On more than one occasion fights have broken out when she found a rider to be abusing their steed. She is known to refuse to sell a horse to anyone she finds unsuitable.

Faces: Hesturi

Quote: “I sell horses not beasts to be set before a plow.”

Hesturi's Stables

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