High Cleric Vertil

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Occupation: Cleric of Vecna
Age: Unknown

Description: Shrunken and withered enough that many have accepted the idea that he may in fact be an undead being serving his god. His black hair is greasy and cropped close to his head, he allows a small beard to sprawl over his chin. The odor of death and mildew hangs on him.

Biography: As a youth Vertil chose to pursue a life devoted to the god of secrets and necromancy, like many of his worshippers the reason he chose this path are a well kept secret. Before coming to North Stead Vertil is said to have roamed the countryside stealing secrets in the name of his god and attempting to raise an army of the undead. Neither endeavor ever proved to have a great deal of success for him. He was pursued on more than one occasion by angry mobs and clerics seeking to purge him from the world.

He was forced to go into hiding to avoid a hanging and fled to North Stead seeking protection from the temple there, it had long since been abandoned. Barring the doors and making a few minor repairs the sickly man made a life of keeping everyone else away from what he called his temple and gathering what valuable information he could within it’s walls.

High Cleric Vertil

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