Race: Unknown(appears human)
Gender: Unkown(appears male)
Occupation: Cleric of Asmodeus
Age: Unknown

Description: Wearing a blood red hooded robe at all time his features are usually shrouded in shadow in cloth. The pale skin of his hands and the claw like appearance of his nails give the impression something inhuman might lay beneath his robe. However whenever he pulls back his hood he reveals a young human face that hasn’t aged a day over hundreds of years.

Biography: Himil’s story is a mystery in most ways. When King Rosh offered to construct a temple to Asmodeus the cleric made his first appearance within North Stead and has remained a presence within the city ever since. He has remained a source of rumor and speculation for any number of crimes and intrigue during his time living among the people.

Many believe he may be a demon of some sort, largely due to the fact that he never shows any sign of aging.


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