Inquisitor Ardick

Race: Warforged
Gender: Male
Occupation: Cleric of the King That Crawls
Age: Unknown

Description: A gaunt warforged who wears chains on his body as a symbol of his faith and a black cloak to hide his visage from his unsuspecting prey.

Biography: Created by wizards and clerics employed by the king that crawls Ardick was to be the first of many tireless soldiers who would supply the god’s followers with an endless supply of prisoners. The project proved an almost complete success. The warforged emerged from it’s birth a tireless disciple of prison and torture, so much so he captured and tortured the beings who had birthed him to honor his god.

Traversing the world for many years he was a disciple of unspeakable horrors to all who came into contact with him. Until he finally reached North Stead. Here he was welcomed with open arms by King Rosh, who turned the warforged to his favor as a torturer of his enemies.

When the practice of torturing prisoners fell out of practice and came to be reviled within the city Ardick was compelled to remain at his new post. Patiently waiting for the day when his services will be employed once more.

Inquisitor Ardick

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