Ipsata Firebane

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Occupation: Owner of Ipsata’s Arcane Emporium
Age: 42

Description: Dark skinned and with eyes the color of dried honey the woman’s features are always hidden behind a veil and headdress that leave only a small section of her face visible. She usually wears very loose fitting light colored robes of a mediocre quality.

Biography: A young woman who dreamt of pursuing a life of easy fortune funded by the mysterious arcane powers that coursed through the world Ipsata fled her village with a small fortune stolen from her parents to make her dream come true. Within a few months the fortune was entirely spent or stolen in her efforts to master the arcane, leaving her with few skills and an empty coin purse. She made her living as a street magician performing acts of magic and reading fortunes, she earned enough to buy brea and little else. A passing noble’s eye was caught by the lovely young Ipsata and he took her as a mistress, she lead him on for years never allowing him to have her and getting a second fortune as well as arcane tutoring.

When she tore off into the night with an appropriated wagon and her heart full of hope for the first time in years she decided to try for North Stead. It was an unusual place full of exciting people. Unfortunately her arrival in the city dashed her hopes anew. When her wagon fell under it’s own weight and she was unable to draw customers to her wagon she was forced to live within the ramshackle structure selling love potions to get by. For three years she has festered plotting a new way to make her dream of an easy life come true.

Ipsata Firebane

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