Ipsata's Arcane Emporium

Physical Description: A ramshackle wagon that has been stripped of it’s wheels for as long as anyone can remember, for all the world it appears as though the wagon simply fell dead near an alley. Glittering letters declaring it’s title are sprawled across the side facing the street. An extremely ornate rug is set in front of the wagon and at nearly any time of the day the veiled figure of Ipsata will be found sitting in front of a small table in a overstuffed chair. The door of her home stands open at all hours and within all manner of arcane oddities and glass instruments can be seen easily.

Word on the Street: Smoke and mirrors lad, save yer coin if you have half a brain in yer head.

History: Three years ago the self proclaimed sorceress Ipsata set out to make her fortune in North Stead supplying the arcane supplies needed by magic users. Her wagon suffered severe damage during the journey and collapsed mere hours after she had made it through the city gates. Unable to gain funds selling her homemade potions and implements to her few customers Ipsata was forced to use the wagon as a storefront. Since her arrival things have not improved. Most of Ipsata’s customers are non-magical and come to her seeking quick fixes or love potions, either of which she is happy to supply for the right price.

Faces: Ipsata Firebane

Quote: “I can sense the magic is strong within you, it reaches out to you, longs to pour it’s power through your body. For the price of a few coins I can help make you a legend.”

Ipsata's Arcane Emporium

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