Jahn Gart

Race: Half-Elf
Occupation: Former adventurer, Retired Soldier, Noble, Member of the Council of Blood

Description: Tall, lean, and quite handsome according to public opinion Jahn favors the finer things.

Biography: In his youth Jahn was something of a terror for the city guard. He loathed living in the city and being cooped up inside most of the time, and no one was very surprised when he fled into the night with a few coins from his mother’s purse. If asked today he’ll describe the years of his absence as times of adventure and daring deeds, although he has little if any proof of such things.

Upon returning home he begged his father to purchase a commission for him in the army, Erial was a respected soldier who managed to get his son in the ranks. It was a short career. Jahn proved to be an excellent fighter but a very poor soldier, he didn’t take orders well.

After being dismissed from service he decided to try his hand at politics. His natural charm went a long way and he managed to earn the right to sit on the Council of Blood, largely due to votes from young half-elves. Many doubted he would be up to the task but he has proven himself to be an asset time and again. His unusual way of thinking and willingness to negotiate have settled many disputes that could easily have torn the city in two.

Jahn Gart

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