Kadrin Brassbeard

Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Occupation: Blacksmith, Cleric of Moradin
Age: 134

Description: Heavily muscled, and wearing fine armor, the dwarf ties his long grey hair and beard through ornate jewelry which he crafted for himself.

Biography: A skilled Blacksmith Kadrin chose to resettle in North Stead after spending many years in Moradin’s Spine, he hoped his skills would be more valued where there were fewer smiths. Like many metal crafters he found ample work at the temple of Moradin, which is also the largest forge in the city. His work came to be favored by many who proclaimed it among the highest quality, so much so that he earned a fortune for himself in a few years.

Eventually he’d amassed enough wealth to last several lifetimes. Praising Moradin, who he believed had granted him the skill and opportunity to achieve so much, he underwent the rights to serve as a cleric of the god. Even going so far as to donate a large percentage of his fortune to the temple.

His voice carries the weight of a hammer on Temple Row and he is a favored speaker for many of the dwarves in the city.

Kadrin Brassbeard

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