Merchant's Guild

Description: A group lead by the wealthiest and most influential merchants in North Stead, they help influence trade laws.

Word on the Street: Merchants are all well and good but a guild full of them can have their eyes on a few too many pieces of gold if you get my meaning.

History: Nearly two hundred years ago the first merchant guild to be recognized by the Duke, the Lord Mayor, and the Council of Blood was established. Up to that point there had always been a group of merchants who voiced their opinion by helping to elect their members to the council or offering their support. At this point though they became more than a loosely affiliated band of wealthy men looking to increase their wealth. They don’t exercise as much power as the army, or the temples, but they are a force to be reckoned with in their own right.

Faces: Smith Pitig

Quote: “Trade is life, if it fails the city withers and dies.”

Merchant's Guild

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