Mirg Oretoe

Race: Dwarf
Occupation: Cleric of Tiamat

Description: Squat and toad-like Mirg wears a five headed talisman in honor of her goddess over black robes at all times.

Biography: As a child Mirg and her family were driven out of Moradin’s Spine as a result of their worshipping the goddess Tiamat, Mirg’s father Kilin had been a merchant whose greed had grown to great to be allowed within the dwarven kingdom any longer. At that time North Stead was the nearest city and her family made their way down from the mountains to the city to start their lives anew. Kilin struggled to keep a roof over his head for the rest of his days, his bad reputation having followed him to their new home. Mirg had better fortune though. She continued to pray to Tiamat hoping to one day avenge the wrongs that had been done to her by the dwarves of Moradin’s Spine.

In time she underwent the rights to become a priestess of Tiamat, her personality and willingness to act out against trespassers violently made her popular among some of her fellow clerics. In time she came to speak for the five dragons within North Stead, and she uses her position to strike out against all dwarves whenever possible.

Mirg Oretoe

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