Moradin's Spine

Physical Description: A mountain range that stretches further than eye can see, in fact it divides much of the continent except for narrow gaps, the peaks of some mountains in this range tower among the highest in the world. Tunnels and caverns within the mountain are home to dwarven kingdoms, goliath tribes, ravenous trolls, and any number of mysteries yet to be discovered.

Word on the Street: There are plenty of mountains in the world, we just happen to have the biggest ones in our backyard.

History: Legend says that after the gods war with the primordials Moradin came to rest on the world and find peace for a time. He slept for so many years that the ground and plants grew over his armor and body, embracing him. His divine power melded with the rock giving birth to the Dwarves as well as the Goliaths, each representing a part of his personality. The god sleeps on to this day, every so often the earth tremble as he shifts in his sleep. On the day he finally awakens to return to war though it is said his rising will split the ground in two and the world shall tremble.

Faces: Deimhall Blackhammer

Quote: “If you ever need evidence of Moradin’s strength all you need to do is glance up at his mountain and you’ll be reassured.”

Moradin's Spine

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