Obsidian Tower

Physical Description: Circular at it’s based and as wide around as a string of wagons the tower rises up a dozen leagues into the sky, it looks to be carved perfectly from a single piece of obsidian. No doors, windows, or markings mar it’s surface.

Word on the Street: Odd as a two headed duck if you ask me. I’m not sure what’s in there but more than one treasure hunters been cracked trying to find out.

History: Two hundred years ago a human wizard of some reputation, Rhilo the Wanderer, entered the city as he had countless others before. He’d earned his name by doing so. Rhilo was a legend in those days and his presence never lingered in any single place for too long, ruined buildings and excited whispers were almost always left in his wake. When he came to North Stead though something about the city sat well with the wizened old man. He claimed citizenship and settled into the Hornet’s Nest with al of the city watching to see what his next move would be. They weren’t forced to wait long.

The third morning after his arrival a towering structure that appeared to all to have be hewn from a single piece of obsidian was discovered near the eastern wall. There had been no such structure the night before. Rhilo was seen a few hours after the initial discovery entering the tower, and then there was no further sign of the wizard for three days. The city guard was dispatched to stand watch around it until he re-emerged.

Rhilo was escorted, with all courtesy, before the Duke, the Lord Mayor, and the Council of Blood to explain what had transpired. Claiming the tower as his home and explaining that it would present no danger to anyone in the city who did not try to enter it without his permission. For a decade following the tower’s appearance Rhilo was seen coming and going from his home until the day he vanished.

From that day on treasure hunters, explorers, adventurers, arcane practitioners, and nosy busybodies have made every effort to enter the tower. None have even made within. Whatever mysteries the tower holds it seems to have little interest in letting them be solved.

Faces: Rhilo the Wanderer

Quote: “This tower is my legacy, not even the gods themselves will live to see it fall.”

Obsidian Tower

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