Orinz Nordin

Race: Dragonborn
Gender: Male
Age: 49
Occupation: Cleric of Bahamut

Description: An imposing figure of black scales covered by heavy armor Orinz never ventures out without a weapon of some sort in hand.

Biography: The elder brother of Talik Nordin was marked for something special at birth by the ashen hue of his scales. His parents feared that it was a sign he would be a force of great evil in the world and insisted he study with the clerics of Bahamut, hoping to turn him from a path of darkness. Their plan seems to have borne fruit.

Orinz is a stalwart champion of all the is just in the world and has leade the temple of Bahamut for many years, proclaiming the word of his god with utter conviction. However his relationship with his younger sibling has suffered greatly, they are often at odds on many matters.

Orinz Nordin

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