Pyramid of Swords

Physical Description: A trio of giant hands grasping sword hilts rise up from the cobblestones of the street, the blades of their swords crossing high overhead. Each of the sword’s hilts are bejeweled. Underneath the swords statues of six men and a woman stand in various poses, at their feet a plaque has been embedded in the ground with a brief inscription.

Word on the Street: You can always spot the tourists by seeing who looks up when they pass.

History: After Bicamus death he was buried in the small cemetery that had already been set in place during his life, though some suggested a tomb to honor him should be built it wasn’t until King Nerva took the throne that any planning took place. Not wanting to disturb the bones of his father and grandfather Nerva decided that a monument to his grandfather might help future generations remember the past.

Construction was carried out mostly by dwarven craftsmen hired on at the king’s expense, he paid them well to see the project finished as soon as possible. It took them five years but they managed the task their king had put forth.

With each passing monarch a new statue was constructed to honor the fallen ruler, a practice which came to an end with the death of Bicamus II. The dukes and dutchesses of North Stead are not represented by statues like their ancestors. Although many citizens have voiced the opinion that the statue of Bicamus II should not be allowed to stand alongside the more respected members of his family the figure maintains it’s stance by order of the duke.

It was during Isum’s term as the Duke of North Stead that an honor guard was established for the pyramid, their purpose being to protect the monument from defacement.

Faces: Percival Alder

Quote: “That we might remember and honor their strength which lives on in the stone of our city.”

Pyramid of Swords

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