Pyramid of Swords Honor Guard

Description: A group of aged, disabled, or especially wealthy soldiers who serve as guards for the Pyramid of Swords. They perform ceremonies daily at the monument and ensure that vandals are kept at bay.

Word on the Street: Just cause they’ve got some silver in their hair doesn’t mean their blades are any less sharp.

History: The honor guard wasn’t established until after the statue of Bicamus II was set in place. After that people began campaigning to have it removed and many made attempts to do so themselves, the Council of Blood and Duke Isum established the guard to help preserve the monument. Since the group’s birth it has proven a success and many senior soldiers choose to take up the duty near the end of their careers.

Faces: Percival Alder

Quote: “Keep your armor polished lads, I want us ready for formation in an hour.”

Pyramid of Swords Honor Guard

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