Retor Trollbane

Race: Human
Occupation: Retired Soldier, Tavern Owner

Description: Dark skinned, tall, and well muscled Reto strikes an imposing figure by most standards. Wearing his black hair in a top knot he walks with a pronounced limp favoring his left leg.

Biography: Enlisting at a young age Retor wanted the chance to earn fame as a slayer of the trolls that annually assault his home. It was a dream he achieved over the course of many years. While most soldiers allow the wizards to wield fire and flame to deal the final blows against trolls Retor would have n part of it. Each year he charged into the fray, torch in hand, and brought death to the enemy. He was given the honorary surname Trollbane by his fellow soldiers.

Inevitably one of the trolls got a luck strike, crushing the man’s knee beneath it’s club. Ever since Retor has been slowed to little more than a crawl, and his career in the military was brought to an end. Retiring from the military rather than taking a less active post he purchased a barracks and stable from the army. The buildings were transformed into a tavern known as the Warhorse favored by soldiers and warriors.

Retor Trollbane

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