Race: Tiefling
Occupation: Shopkeeper

Description: shocking white hair clashing with his fiery red skin, Tazin wear loose fitting clothes and when in public a wide brimmed hat that hide his horns. Due to his age he is heavily wrinkled and his frame is that of a very slight elderly person.

Biography: As a young man Tazin’s parents brought their child with them while attempting to relocate to North Stead, sadly his parents were slain by bandits during the journey. It was pure luck that the child who had hidden in the woods during the bandit’s attack was discovered by scouts who brought the boy back to the city. He was apprenticed to a small shop and learned the ways of a merchant until he opened his own stand some years later on Market Street.

It took effort and coin but he eventually opened a shop of his own which he has operated alone for most of his life.


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