Tazin's Sundries

Physical Description: It doesn’t appear as anything all that special from the street. A sturdy looking single story building built of brick and mortar it has a single window which usually has some items displayed within. Upon entry the chime of bells from overhead will usher you into a treasure trove. Tables and shelves arranged with odds and ends from across the continent take up nearly every inch of floor space. Behind a long counter you’ll always find Tazin atop his stool waiting eagerly to make a deal.

Word on the Street: “The Tiefling will take you for all he can get but his wares are worth the price more often than not.”

History: One of the few Tieflings living in North Stead is the ancient shopkeeper Tazin. His shop began like many others, as a small cloth tent stretched overhead at the marketplace, but he had higher aspirations. He used his meager earnings to employ adventurous citizens to seek out rarer items, at the same time he made certain to keep the best of more mundane items on hand. It took years but his reputation for being able to supply what other shopkeepers couldn’t began to spread far and wide. Ultimately it allowed him to build a proper, if still modest, shop of his own which has continued to operate for many years.

Faces: Tazin

Quote: “We’ve got everything you’ll ever need. From sunrods to an enchanted battle-ax if you can’t find it here it’s nowhere in North Stead. “

Tazin's Sundries

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