Temple of Asmodeus

Physical Description: Built of sheer silvery metal forged by Himil’s instruction the temple glows an odd array of colors, looking at it can cause passersby to become disoriented. More than one visitor has found themselves climbing the steps to enter the temple before coming to their senses. The exterior walls are carved with vivid scenes of Asmodues slaying, or in some cases enslaving, various gods and goddesses. Columns of dark stone hold the tiled roof in place, although numerous gaps allow the moon and stars to light the interior of the temple when opened.

If you enter the temple you will find no shrines or altars within. In their place there is a large hole in the floor, it’s exact depth is unknown. Intricate carvings in the floor surround the the opening, rumors say that animals are sacrificed on the floor and their blood runs along the carvings as part of a ritual.

Word on the Street: Unless you fancy being put up as an offering I’d just as soon stay on the other side of the street from that spot.

History: King Rosh invoked many dark deities during the War of the Blue Lance, Asmodeus being just one of them. Construction of the temple proved a difficult task though. Normally clerics of Erathis aided in the construction of buildings within North Stead but they would have no part of this project. Added to this there were numerous instances of sabotage by citizens which slowed progress to a crawl. The cleric of Asmodeus, a man named Himil, was deeply involved in the planning of every inch of the temple.

It took years of toiling but eventually the project saw completion, although it required arm guards be stationed each day to keep away saboteurs. Rosh and a handful of others were the only citizens to actively worship at the temple, and after the king’s death scandal drove away many of those few who offered homage to Asmodeus.

Since then Himil as continued on in his solitary role serving as the voice of his god within the walls of North Stead. In truth he exerts little power in modern politics, but his the deity he represents is no less feared.

Faces: Himil

Quote: “I might be able to my services to your cause, perhaps even those of my god as well. The question is what will you do for us in return?”

Temple of Asmodeus

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