Temple of Avandra

Physical Description: A bit of an oddity on Temple Row the goddess of luck’s place of worship is a simple open air structure of wood and a shrine.

The Word on the Street: The door to the temple of Avandra is always open. Partially because her temple doesn’t have a door. Though there are few devoted worshippers to the goddess within the walls her shrine is respected by the people of North Stead, few would even think of doing harm to it.

History: One of the first shrines built in North Stead was erected to the honor of Avandra, travelers would often deposit coins there in the hopes that luck would favor them on their journey and it was left to stand for many years. Over time though as the settlement grew into a city more undesirable citizens began to appear. The unguarded shrine of Avandra proved an easy mark and her offerings were ransacked, sometimes even right out of worshipper’s pockets.

The city guard did it’s best to keep thieves at bay but they were often unable to dissuade them.

It wasn’t until a trio of halfling siblings immigrated and settled in the walls of North Stead some years ago that this trend was broken. They cleared the shrine of the wild vegetation that had choked it, built onto it so visitors were no longer exposed to the full force of the elements, and persuaded pickpockets to ply their trade elsewhere.

Faces: Trynn Miffin, River Miffin, and Gult Miffin

Quote: “Come on in, rest for a spell if you like. If you’ve got a coin to spare the goddess might thank you for the favor down the road when you’re backs against a wall.” -River Miffin

Temple of Avandra

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