Temple of Bahamut

Physical Description: Built entirely from metals meant to honor the platinum dragon, and the metallic dragons he favors, the temple is a symphony of gold, silver, brass, bronze, and copper. The daylight cascades from it’s steps, pillars, and roof in a blinding dance that can’t hep but draw the eye. Each of the stairs leading up to the temple itself are emblazoned with draconic script detailing a legend and teaching of Bahamut.

Word on the Street: Don’t get me wrong, those folks mean well. Still dragons? Ain’t we had enough of those winged bastards already?

History: Built during the reign of the fifth king of North Stead before the War of the Blune Lance had broken out it was intended to settle unrest amongst the dragonborn population that had begun to settle in the city. Unfortunately it’s effect wis greatly hindered when dragons lead the initial strike against the city, killing many in a single fell swoop. Years of war did little to improve the people’s opinion of dragons, or the gods who favored them.

The temple has been raided, set on fire, and vandalized hundreds of times. The worshippers choose to prove their value within the city by upholding the laws and fighting the true enemy whenever one is present. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed and since the dukes came to reign in North Stead the number of attacks on Bahamut’s temple have dwindled to virtually none.

Old wounds die hard though. Many remember the war vividly even today and some are spurred to speak out against that which Bahamut preaches merely to spite him.

Faces: Orinz Nordin

Quote: “The wings of the platinum dragon can shield his followers, but they also send forth gales knocking back the unjust and the wicked.”

Temple of Bahamut

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