Temple of Bane

Physical Description: Built much like a small very fort with a stone wall surrounding the perimeter and a barred gate the temple of Bane is easily the smallest structure on Temple Row. Gaps in the stonework allow for archers to fire out from within, and if you look up when passing through the entrance you’ll notice a grated roof which allowing all manner of unpleasant to be poured down on anyone below.

The interior resembles more of an inn than a temple. Tables are arranged around a simple shrine, the interior is clearly under lackluster care these days. Cobwebs and bits of litter can be spotted with ease in every corner.

Word on the Street: That lot? They’re on their last legs, that doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous though. A starving dog can be the most dangerous kind.

History: Built during the rule of North Stead’s sixth king in the hopes that it would draw more soldiers to the city and appease the evil god of war it has never been an overly popular site. Soldiers tend to gravitate towards the temples of Kord, Bahamut, or Erathis instead. Bane’s temple never gained many followers and the clerics living within constantly struggle to gain funds.

Faces: Polan Riverson

Quote:“You look down on us because we have so little, but Bane tests his followers. One day we will take what is owed us from the usurpers.” -Polan Reiverson

Temple of Bane

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