Temple of Corellon

Physical Description: Nature was not destroyed to build the temple of Corellon. Ancient trees tower over the building which was constructed from stone drawn out of the ground nearby and painted by artisans.

There are no altars within the temple of Corellon. Instead the interior is ruled by a large wooden stage, hundreds of seats, and balconies built to accommodate important guests. There are also private chambers for the clerics and classrooms within.

Word on the Street: If you’re of the mind to see a bit of theater this is the best place in town to do it.

History: Queen Aurelia, a patroness of the arts, sought to establish a foundation of culture and art within North Stead. The previous rulers had focused on building the military structure and providing citizens with everything needed to survive. Aurelia sought to give the people what they needed to live.

One of three temples the queen ordered built during her seventy years reign it set an interesting trend. Elves, Eladrin, and Gnomes who had viewed the city as a place which wouldn’t accept them for the most part began to trickle within. Artists, musicians, and actors were also drawn to the new site. Ignoring other temple Aurelia ordered that her temple be constructed as a theater and school for the arts.

The temple continues in the trend that Aurelia set in place for them many years ago.

Faces: Eliza Briarsworn

Quote: “True magic is in everything of worth.”

Temple of Corellon

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