Temple of Erathis

Physical Description: One of the largest structures on Temple Row it is also one of the oldest, a site that has weathered time and outright war on more than one occasion. The building and it’s grounds are meticulously maintained by the clerics living within and can be seen engaged in projects almost every day. Polished stone chosen for it’s strength and beauty was mined and employed in the temple’s construction, accompanied by several boulder sized glass windows.

Within columns and a floor of marble provide a beautiful site to pay respects to Erathis. Several altars have been built, many wooden benches allow visitors to attend morning and evening prayers alongside of the clerics.

Word on the Street: The feud between Erathis and Melora is alive and well in North Stead. Her disciples loathe one another. My advice is don’t pick a side in their fight, it never ends well for those who do.

History: When building a city the goddess of civilization is a good deity to have on your side, King Bicamus hoped to gain her blessing for North Stead by commissioning a temple in her honor early on. It is said he worshipped Erathis himself and wished to have a proper place to worship. Clerics of Erathis were already present, each having served as siege engineers, they were turned to the purpose of building a temple, blessing building sites, and assisting in North Stead’s construction.

The grandeur that was planned for would take even master builders a lifetime to see completion. In fact it took them two lifetimes to complete the temple. It was the young King Sitra, third ruler of North Stead, that saw it fully completed many years after his grandfather’s death.

Generally Erathis’ influence on the city has been a good one. Her disciples have assisted in the building, and rebuilding, of nearly every structure within the city. They also helped to establish laws and court systems in the first years of settlement.

Sevety-six years ago when the high priest ordered a tree from the temple of Melora be cut down to fashion a bench for their worshippers an ongoing battle began between the two temples. It started with outright violence on Temple Row and continues today with more subtlety.

Faces: Diana Till

Quote: “If only all leaders were as wise as Bicamus once was. Then more cities would know the peace that comes from offering the proper respect to Erathis.”

Temple of Erathis

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