Temple of Gruumsh

Physical Description: The temple looks more like a fort than anything else from outside. It’s constructed of wood, a deep pit filled with stakes has been dug around the perimeter. At any given moment the only visible door, which is barred, is guarded by two half-orcs bearing crossbows and spears.

Inside the dim lighting reveals clay walls and an altar surrounded by grisly trophies claimed in battle. The temple has more rooms than many of the others’ on temple row, half-orcs feel at home there and pay for the right to make their home within it’s walls.

Word on the Street: Steer clear. No offense to you if you’re a half-orc, by all means go visit if you are. Otherwise keep your distance. Especially if you’re an elf.

History: Half-orcs began filtering into the city well after it was established as a place to make money selling mercurial skill. Their power and tenacity in battle have proven a valued asset on more than one occasion. However when they demanded a temple to the god of the orcs be erected on Temple Row many were outraged. They viewed such an idea as sacrilege and it was only through direct intervention on the part of the sixth Duke of North Stead that such a feat was ever accomplished.

It is one of the newest temples in the city and has done little to earn a reputation for good or for ill. The clerics who maintain and live within it only allow half-orcs to enter it’s wall.

On occasion passing elves and half-elves have had insults, waste, and even the rare ballista tossed their way.

Faces: Ugarth Snill.

Quote: “My god would put yours on a spit and eat him.”

Temple of Gruumsh

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