Temple of Ioun

Physical Description: A skinny and surprisingly tall building it almost appears as though it should teeter and fall at any moment. From the outside it is rather simplistic. Stark grey stone makes up the surface, and only a simple idol bearing Ioun’s mark in front of the temple declares it to be anything sacred.

Within it is quite another matter. A towering building of seemingly endless highly polished shelves, each one lined with row after row of books and scrolls. Tiled floors depicting legendary scenes of battles, adventures, and far off places provide a stirring sight to any who enter.

There are many rooms within, some devoted to quiet study for visitors, while others are the many cleric’s private quarters.

The Word on the Street: Quiet and unobtrusive the worshippers of Ioun are more than happy to be left alone, their only desire being to gather and maintain ever more knowledge one generation after the next. On occasion though they have been known to hire an adventurer or two to fetch an scrap of paper from some tomb or another.

There is a great deal of hatred between the clerics of Ioun and the worshippers of Vecna. On more than once occasion attempts have been made to rob the library in the god of secrets name.

History: What began as just another temple has grown into so much more in the years since the foundation was set in place. One of the larger temples in North Stead it has become a place of higher learning, both academic and arcane, for those in pursuit of knowledge. The clerics began allowing anyone to enter the temple many years ago and thus the city gained access to a literal fountain of knowledge.

When a band of raiders managed to make their way through the city gates and charged to Temple Row it was the worshippers of Ioun who brought the attackers to their knees. Her clerics took to the street and ended the assault in a barrage of potent magic.

Faces: Petor Ranavich

Quote: “Hmm? Oh bother look what you made me do, I’ve lost my place. Can’t you see I’m trying to read?”

Temple of Ioun

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