Temple of Kord

Physical Description: You could easily mistake the temple for a small arena if you’re new to the city. The building itself resembles a mammoth fabric tent held in the ground with stakes as thick as trees, stepping inside shatters the illusion in an instant. A large roofless ring of sandy ground dominates most of the space, crates of weaponry are always well within sight. Several rows of benches serve as seating for visitors, although they aren’t the most comfortable perches one will find.

Private chambers built beneath the ring serve as lodging for the clerics and visitors.

Word on the Street: You hear that? No it isn’t thunder. It’s folks stamping their feet at the stadium, must be a good match going on today. If you’ve got time and a little coin stop buy for the show. Just be careful not to get pulled in yourself.

History: Some of the soldiers who helped found North Stead built the first temple to Kord, in truth it was little more than a pile of rocks formed into an altar and a few tree stumps used for seats. It was a place of quiet prayer on the evening of battle, often visited by young soldiers and their family members. When clerics of the storm god eventually settled it was reborn.

The new temple became quite an attraction to visitors and proved to draw a great deal of coin, all of which is used to fund the temple’s needs. Clerics of Kord have taken part in the training of city guard and aided in North Stead’s defense more than once.

Faces: Kis Lenur

Quote: “Get off of your knees boy! You wanna pray to Kord do you? Then you’d better pick up a weapon and show him some respect!”

Temple of Kord

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