Temple of Lolth

Physical Description: Built in the likeness of a giant spider and strewn with webs collected by clerics of Lolth the temple is an imposing sight. The interior of the structure is made up of an ornate shrine, at the center of which is a large statue made in the likeness of Lolth.

Underneath the temple there is an extensive series of tunnels, the living quarters of Lolth’s worshipers, and several rooms housing large spiders used in their worship.

Word on the Street: The drow keep to themselves, haven’t had a lick of trouble from that lot since they turned up. Doesn’t mean I’d set foot in that temple of theirs though.

History: Roughly one hundred years ago a band of thirty drow emerged from Moradin’s Spine seeking sanctuary within the walls of North Stead. They claimed to have been exiled from their home for some offense, an offense they weren’t inclined to provide a detailed account of. The duke chose to grant them a place within the city, an action which raised more than one eyebrow, but it was permitted. Most of the drow settled into a bit of land on Temple Row where they erected a place to honor the spider goddess.

Since those days the drow have remained within their temple for the most part, they seem content with their lot. The temple itself sees little use but there is trade done for their spider’s silk and venom.

Faces: Spinner Trielbryn

Quote: _ “The spider goddess is patient, she weaves her webs where you will not see them until it is too late.”_

Temple of Lolth

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