Temple of Moradin

Physical Description: Imagine the biggest forge you’ve ever seen. Now make it bigger. This temple was built to supply a city with every sword needed to defend it and every nail needed to build it up. Smoke billows from a mammoth chimney set in the roof at all hours. There is no door to block entry, wave of heat will suck the air from you as soon as you get more than a few feet near it.

What has been described as a bonfire for the gods roars day and night at the heart of the temple’s interior, any number of workbenches, tools, and anvils cover the floor.

Word on the Street: You need to speak to the god of dwarves? Got to the temple of Moradin. You need to have your sword sharpened or have some armor made? Might as well do it there while you’re pray.

History: After the land that North Stead was built on was gifted to King Bicamus by Gorn Blackhammer a handful of the dwarf king’s citizens chose to relocate to the newborn settlement. There was a great deal of building to be done and coin to be made. Many of these dwarves went on to raise families in North Stead and eventually they implored their new ruler to build a temple to Moradin, that they might pay respects to their god without being forced to return to Blackhammer.

At the time there were sparse resources to be spared for a temple, but a forge was needed so they reached a compromise. A massive forge built and the dwarves began hammering out weaponry to arm the soldiers and militia of the city and supply tools for builders.

In the many years since it was first built the worshippers of Moradin have supplied valued trade to their home. Traders come from far and wide to barter with the dwarves, and they spend a great deal of coin during their visits.

Faces: Kadrin Brassbeard

Quote: “This hammer is your life, it’s your families lives, it’s your salvation. Use it with honor and pay glory to Moradin.”

Temple of Moradin

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