Temple of Pelor

Physical Description: The temple is a structure of humble wood that radiates warmth and comfort to anyone that passes it. If you enter you’ll find a simple unadorned interior with an idol of Pelor firmly set in place over a shrine to the sun god. Worshipper’s have built several rooms onto the original temple over the years which they open to guests and those have been wounded. A large banquet hall fills the rear of the building, although it is hidden behind large doors. During festivals the doors are opened and people pour in among the clerics to eat and celebrate.

Word on the Street: You need someone to bandage your wounds or spare you a bit of food? Then this is the place for you.

History: In the days before the walls of North Stead existed the farmers and shepherds that lived in the hills beside Moradin’s Spine often paid homage to the god Pelor. It was a practice that carried over when the city was founded. Each year the harvest brought festivals devoted to honor the god of agriculture, and offerings were made at his temple regularly.

Since it’s earliest days this temple has served as a major source of support for those living in North Stead. The clerics work in the fields lending muscle as well as expertise. They also administer to the sick and hungry regularly offering their service in the hours of greatest need.

A major voice on Temple Row this temple has helped make many policies that remain in place today.

Faces: Urun Itar

Quote: “May Pelor’s radiance warm and guide you through the darkness.”

Temple of Pelor

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