Temple of Sehanine

Physical Description: Powerful magics placed on the temple cause it’s form to shift almost constantly. You might pass it once and see a shadowed park with a path and benches ideal for a quiet walk. At other times it appears as a simple shrine surrounded by trees with leaves colored the bright hues of autumn regardless of the season. Sometimes there is nothing within the space it is know to occupy at all.

Word on the Street: Tricky temple. Hard to trust anything when buildings start shifting with their moods in my opinion.

History: One of Sehanine’s greatest tricks was making her temple appear in North Stead without any warning. Where there had been nothing one morning there was now a shrine to the goddess of trickery. The temple has done brisk business and is frequently visited by the tightly knit Kenku population, all of whom claim her as their patron goddess. The city guard has kept a close eye on the visitors an the temple but nothing overtly illegal has ever taken place there. As far as any of the guardsmen could see at any rate.

Faces: Jana Renam

Quote: “Best leave a coin on the shrine while you can, the temple could vanish any time now.”

Temple of Sehanine

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