Temple of the King That Crawls

Physical Description: A set of stairs leading down into a pit as dark as a raven’s eye is all you can see of the temple from the street. If you’ve reason to follow the stairs you’d find a heavy door at the bottom of them. Beyond that door there is naught but cells and rooms. A maze of cells and rooms, some say enough to lock up every man, woman, and child in the city. The only light comes from torches carried in the hands of the priests of torture and that’s enough to make you dread the light in and of itself.

Word on the Street: What fool sets foot in a temple devoted to a god who wants to lock you up and torture you?

History: What began as a dungeon for war prisoners during the War of the Blue Lance evolved into a a temple devoted to the god Torog during the reign of North Stead’s sixth king.Little was done to change the structure. Throughout the war it was used as a site to hold citizens who opposed the war openly, as well as anyone who the king deemed a threat. Hundreds suffered torture within those walls.

The clerics of Torog don’t tend to stir up much trouble truth be told. They don’t snatch people off of the street and torture them. Not unless they’re acting on orders from the council, the mayor, or the duke himself.

Faces: Inquistor Ardick

Quote: “Fear is a prison, the King That Crawls senses your fear and he laughs at you for it.”

Temple of the King That Crawls

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