Temple of the Raven Queen

Physical Description: Built from solid black marble the exterior is traced with strange symbols in a language that is unidentified to this day. Totems of bone and feather mark the entryway. Most who leave offerings for the goddess choose to leave them on the temple steps rather than entering the intimidating structure.

The temple interior appears much the same as a tomb, candles remain lit at all hours within. Mourners leave offerings to the loved ones and ancestors entombed within, it is not uncommon to see such items on the floor in front of a grave.

Word on the Street: Place gives me the creeps. Those priestesses and their masks are a bit too macabre for my liking, whenever they look at you it’s like they see something that ain’t there. Unless you’re burying someone I’d just as soon steer clear of their graveyard.

History: Inevitably there were many deaths in the early years of North Stead’s development, hundreds of soldiers had died in the Battle of Three Fields alone. Without any summons being sent clerics of the raven goddess began filtering into the camp that served as a temporary city for the settlers. Funeral rites were performed over the bodies of the dead and plans for a permanent temple were started.

As the city grew and changed the temple remained much the same. It’s denizens kept to their duties, ensuring the deceased were treated properly and that none were animated as undead. To this day the temple stands a silent sentinel, as though waiting for something only it is aware of.

Faces: Daughters of the Raven

Quote: “Fate has called you here this day, you were wise not to ignore the summons.”

Temple of the Raven Queen

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