Temple of Tiamat

Physical Description: Built from stone in the likeness of a dragon’s head the eyes were filled with large gems. Thieves and vandals often steal or damage the gems so their color changes as they are continually replaced. Any who enter TIamat’s temple will feel her power instantly, utter darkness swallows the vision of all who enter that are not among her worshippers. This defense means that there is little way of telling what lays within.

Word on the Street: Old Tiamat don’t forget, and neither do her priests. Step careful around that lot if you deal with them.

History: Built during the reign of the fifth king of North Stead before the War of the Blue Lance had broken out it was intended to settle unrest amongst the dragonborn population that had begun to settle in the city. Unfortunately it’s effect wis greatly hindered when dragons lead the initial strike against the city, killing many in a single fell swoop. Years of war did little to improve the people’s opinion of dragons, or the gods who favored them.

The temple has been raided, set on fire, and vandalized hundreds of times. The clerics have sought out the offenders each time and dealt with them harshly in the name of their goddess. Their works have put them at odds with the city guard, the nobility, the council, and other temples more than once. When the war ended and Bahamut’s temple saw decreasing hostility the attacks on Tiamat’s temple only increased in number as well as intensity.

Today citizens who have a grudge against dragons seek out the temple and vent their age old anger only to have their rage returned in kind. It is a struggle with no end in sight.

Faces: Mirg Oretoe

Quote: “The eyes of the goddess see all, swift revenge will be carried on her wings against all non-believers.”

Temple of Tiamat

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