Temple of Vecna

Physical Description: The structure is made of sheer rock etched with patterns of bone and runes said to protect the site from the wrath of gods. A large dome of sickly green metal dominates the roof.

No one is allowed to enter the Temple of Vecna, what lays within is an utter mystery.

Word on the Street: Everyone knows they’re a bunch of grave robbing murderers and spies. Can we prove it? No. But nobody visits the place and we all steer clear of the clerics from there.

History: The sixth king of North Stead commissioned the construction of several temples devoted to unusual gods during his reign. One of which was the unpopular temple of Vecna devoted to the god of secrets and necromancy. Since it’s completion rumors of the defeated enemies being dragged within and brought back as abominations have been rampant. There is a great deal of evidence that the clerics of Vecna were employed as spies during the Blue Lance War. Important documents may have been hidden within, who better to keep your war plans secret than the god of secrecy himself?

In the modern age the temple sees virtually no use. Few clerics are seen entering and maintaining it, citizens avoid it like the plague. Plans to have it knocked down have been proposed on more than one occasion but they are always quashed at the last moment.

Faces: High Cleric Vertil

Quote: “My god cares even less for your opinion of him and his works than I do, if that is possible.”

Temple of Vecna

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