Temple of Zehir

Physical Description: One of the more sedate temples in the area it maintains a simple appearance. Columns of stone and large steps lead within it’s walls. At night heavy iron gates are pulled shot barring entry.

Within well made tapestries and carpets are present in abundance. Black candles that smell heavily of spice perfume the air at all hours and burn around a shrine in the shape of a coiled serpent. At the snake’s center there is a large vessel filled with icy water.

Word on the Street: Don’t drink their wine or show em your throat.

History: One of the temples commissioned by King Rosh it served as a sanctuary to the many assassins he employed during the War of the Blue Lance. However after the war ended and such work became scarce many of the temple’s “devoted” worshippers left to find gainful employment. Since those days it has still managed to maintain a veneer of finery. Rumors have often suggested that the clerics hire themselves out as knife men, but if they do nothing has ever been proven.

Faces: Sister Rin

Quote: “What you call treachery I call well thought out loyalty.”

Temple of Zehir

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