Temple Row

Physical Description: A section of the city devoted to the worship of nearly every deity in the pantheon. One of the founding principles of the North Stead being the freedom of it’s inhabitants to worship whatever gods they choose. The many temples are contained in close quarters within an area of the city. The appearance of the temple are as varied as the gods and goddesses they represent.

The Word on the Street: Although it is routinely a place of worship it isn’t the sort of place you should wander into unprepared. Servants of the various gods and goddesses are constantly working towards their own ends. People vanishing off of the street or being caught in the crossfire of warring factions, while rare, is not unheard of by any means.

History: Initially Temple Row began as a smattering of temples to a few gods when the city was first built. As time went on more and more people immigrated there and new temples kept being built while the pre-existing ones were added onto. This process steadily lead to the current number and size of Temple Row.

Over the years religion came to be a true power in North Stead, so much so that the various temples were allowed to elect a representative to take a seat on the city council.

Since it’s inception there has only been one true battle between the temple of any note. Seventy-six years ago priests of Erathis struck down a tree from the grounds of Melora’s temple and fashioned it into a bench. Melora’s servants took up arms as and other temples were soon drawn into the conflict. Ultimately almost every cleric in the city ended up fighting in the street, there were countless injuries and more than a few deaths. Eventually the city guard managed to break up the battle and restore order.

Since those days a few grudges have festered beneath the surface of Temple Row.

Faces: Eliza Briarsworn

Quote: “If the gods can share the heavens than their servants can certainly manage to do the same in this world.”

Temple Row

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