The Council of Blood

Description: A group of five officials chosen from key areas of the city to help govern effectively.

Word on the Street: They aren’t perfect but they try.

History: The first council was established very early during the reign of Bicamus and was made up of men who’d fought at his side during the Battle of Three Fields. Initially they served as advisors to the king and nothing more. As time went on two positions on the council were reserved for the captain of the guard and a representative from the temples, ensuring that the troops would be spoken for and that the gods would have a voice in the city. Over time the council came to gather more and more power until the reign of King Rosh began, at which point they became little more than a group of puppets. When Isum lead the council in a bloody coup against his brother the council was re-named the Council of Blood, partially in jest and partially as an honor for what they had helped accomplish. Today they are the most powerful group within North Stead and make nearly all of the decisions on what takes place within it’s walls.

Faces: Kin Kavue, Talik Nordin, Eliza Briarsworn, Jahn Gart, Smith Pitig

Quote: “We are the people’s voice but we do not speak for them.”

The Council of Blood

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